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   Greetings to all and thanks for looking in on my Family Genealogy Web pages. 

   My main data base, now contain over 14,000 + names and some 4,700 + family listings.  It would be my suggestion, to open a Family Link where you think you may be a member of, than click on the Surname List and check for your Surname.

  You may also click on the Name Index. This will be the shortest way to find if you are connected to a certain family, than you can explore the various family lines and see your connections within the family..

   I owe many thanks to many people for their contributions for all of the data listed in these files over the past years.  I could never list all of their names.

   Out of love for my family, my genealogy searching started some 27 + years ago now and I hope with everyone’s help to expand and correct any errors in these files.  These files are to be shared with anyone for their asking. They are all your files too..

   Any of the information that you see here is of public a record that can be found on Ancestry.Com or in various Court Houses, Social Security and Newspaper records.

   Anyone wishing to have a GED file, a Word Doc or RTF file, of any or all of the  information here, it is free for the asking.

   The information here is basic, if known: Date & place of Birth; Date & place of Marriage; Date and place of Death; Date and place of Burial; per individual.  No information on a living person will be purposely shown.  My offline files, in my Genealogy program, contain much more detailed information than is listed online. I have many side notes.

   Do you have a family Web site?  Send me your link and I will happily link it here. Correction and additions are always welcome.  This data is to be shared. 

   Again, thanks for looking in and my best wishes as you explore the various files.

       Dick Scheit